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CarterStrategy is a boutique branding & design agency founded by industry veteran Shannon Carter. The agency specializes in organizational and product brand strategy, brand asset design, brand management, and marketing communications. 

What we do

Brand Strategy • Brand Asset Design

Brand Asset Management • Marketing Communications

Brand Strategy

Our codified brand strategy process is successful because it unifies our clients around an agreed-upon positioning  strategy before articulating the brand through design, marketing, or other sources.

Brand Asset Design

Brand assets like logos, packaging, websites, and other collateral can be an organization’s most valuable resources. We create stunningly beautiful assets that are based in sound business strategy. 

Brand Management

All valuable assets require proper management. We ensure you to have the right resources, processes, and tools to manage and govern your brand within a single department or across the world.


Like the brands we represent, CarterStrategy stands for something: Innovative thinking, brand focus, & measurable results. Our clients depend on us for disruptive thinking, sound brand strategy, amazing creativity, and professional brand management.


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Why we are different

We provide critical disruptive thinking — the kind of thinking that can lead to breakthrough innovation. We ask the tough questions, then provide much-needed clarity by offering a unique, bottomline-driven perspective to identify and assess both macro- and micro-opportunities—and their respective challenges. We provide strategic and tactical solutions that can produce phenomenal, yet very practical, results.

Our Latest Work

Great brands are born from sound brand strategy, crafted over time through exceptional brand experiences, and managed like the organization’s
greatest asset. This is exactly what we do.

Our Skills

Our overarching brand strategy goal is to guide our clients to a unified brand vision, thereby positioning our clients for unprecedented and long-term success.

Simply put, our process is successful because it unifies the organization around a unified brand positioning for the product or offering. This unified vision leads to superior messaging and amazing creative assets.

  • Branding STRATEGY – 90%
  • Brand Asset design – 77%
  • brand management – 85%

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