Our codified process, BrandSmart, produces tangible results by guiding an internal taskforce through a process leading to a unified executive brand vision.


Our process is successful because it unifies the organization around a common belief system. Before we start our brand development process, we identify a brand taskforce from within your organization. This group will represent your entire organization and act as brand ambassadors as we roll out your new brand platform.

The brand taskforce is typically comprised of 8–15 stakeholders, representing all critical functions. Our in-house strategy professionals guide the task force through several workshops to deliver strategic insights such as brand positioning, brand promise and brand personality—the building blocks for all brand messaging. The taskforce also participates in all brand messaging workshops to ensure understanding, consistency and complete transfer of knowledge. BrandSmart consists of five stages (Learn, Analyze, Imagine, Act, and Manage).

We conduct primary qualitative and quantitative research, study secondary research and competitive brand materials, and go through several other brand immersion techniques to thoroughly understand brand perceptions about your organization and its offering. Our primary objective in this initial phase of work is to fully understand your branding needs and opportunities in the context of your business situation and goals.

We analyze the collected data and produce a Brand Observation Summary, containing a realistic look at how your brand is currently positioned in the marketplace. Our insights are gleaned from data through the eyes of an artist and the mind of an analyst. We present our findings in aggregate to the brand taskforce team during our first brand taskforce workshops.

We guide the branding taskforce through several workshops to ensure a united brand vision for the organization. The Brand Platform is the final deliverable of this stage. The Brand Platform typically consists of the following elements: Brand Positioning Statement, Brand Promise, Brand Personality, Brand Architecture, Brand Value Pyramid, Brand Essence, and Brand Messaging Propositions. The Brand Platform is a very powerful tool, moreover, the process of producing the Brand Platform can be as powerful as the final product, providing the brand taskforce (and therefore the entire organization) with the catalyst to start thinking like a brand. The Brand Platform will help guide everything the organization does (overall messaging, marketing, sales, new hires, executive reports, etc.).

Your new brand is brought to life through all brand experience touchpoints. More importantly, your entire organization is introduced to the Brand Platform and trained on how to personally represent it, ensuring an exceptional and consistent brand experience.

We ensure all internal stakeholders have the tools, knowledge and confidence to manage what can become the organization’s greatest asset(s).