USAA is a mutual insurance company with over 5 million members worldwide and over $11USAA Logobillion in annual sales. It provides products and services dedicated to helping military members and their families reach their financial goals. With myriad product lines controlled by a multitude of product managers targeting several vastly different audiences, USAA is constantly faced with branding consistency challenges.

We were initially engaged by USAA’s branding department to help solidify its brand strategy andUSAA Brand Collateral overall value proposition. Because USAA has tremendous brand loyalty, we suggested sticking to a Central Brand strategy so the individual products would be supported by the strength of the Central Brand, even on the day a campaign was launched. Our top-level branding focus soon turned into working with almost every one of USAA’s business units over several years, developing and deploying customer care and customer acquisition campaigns, as well as brand loyalty programs targeting current customers and current employees.

Our Central Brand strategy is still followed today throughout USAA. The strategy and body of marketing materials built for USAA encompass product and life event guides, direct mail campaigns, print collateral, print advertising and online advertising. USAA continues to be one of the strongest brands in the financial services sector. We are very proud to be a small part of this extraordinary company’s success.